Directional Drilling/Boring

Hobbs Trenching & Boring is equipped with JT2020 Directional Drill, which can be used to horizontally bore underground, for all types/sizes of services. This machine is perfect for any job that can’t be open trenched or where a road/driveway bore is required. It saves on reinstatement works and is less damaging to the environment.

Pit & Conduit Installations

Hobbs Trenching Pty Ltd is a Victorian Electrical Distribution Network (VEDN) accredited company. This means we can install any electrical pits, conduits, kiosk slabs etc. That will have the network (Ausnet) cables installed in them. We complete this in accordance with VEDN regulations.

Excavation and Trenching

With two 3.5 tonne excavators and a ditch witch trencher, all of which are relatively new and in great condition, and come with a number of attachments. Hobbs Trenching Pty Ltd can do almost any excavation/trenching works. From doing a small site level excavation to doing 1km of trenching in a day, with our experience, we can be sure to help you with what you require.

Cable Hauling & Installation

With our power industry experience, electrical cable installation training and also having the equipment (winch/drum stands/crane) and other tools. Hobbs Trenching Pty Ltd can complete any type of cable haul. From a few hundred metres to a few km’s we can do it all.

Tip Truck & Bobcat

This service speaks for its self. Whether you require a site cut/clean up, load of rock or a new driveway, we can generally do it all. Being based in a rural area, we have done a number of driveways/drainage, tank sites, shed sites etc. for properties around the Whittlesea area.

Hydro-Vacuum System & Crane Hire

Hydro Vac System is new age, non-destructive way of excavation. Using a extremely high pressure water hose to blast it’s way through the dirt and a large vacuum type hose to remove the waste. It’s a perfect environmentally friendly way to find existing services, clear existing pipes, or get your way around a tree without destroying its root system. We also are equipped with a truck mounted crane, this can be used to lift, shift or move anything that can’t be done any other way.

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